Jamie Simpson's Crispy Carrot Soup

We are delighted to share Jamie Simpson’s Crispy Carrot Soup. As chef liaison for The Chef’s Garden, Jamie Simpson always uses the most flavorful ingredients available. Using silicone molds, he can bring nutrition and sensuality to the same experience.

Jamie Simpson’s Crispy Carrot Soup is made of baby round carrot soup, carrot butter, dried cobalt carrot peel, and paprika. To start, Chef Jamie fills the hollow carrot silicone mold with a delicious, flavorful soup, put’s the mold in the freezer. After freezing, the individual ‘soups’ are easily demolded. He then inserts a toothpick in the frozen carrots soup “carrots” and dips them in a mixture of bees wax and cocoa butter seasoned with paprika. Served at room temperature, the resulting hyper-realistic carrot soup surprises guest. Crack the shell and watch your soup gently spill onto your plate melding with the seasoned carrot soil underneath.

According to a study by Ellen Hedrén at the department of food science in Sweden, only 3% of the beta-carotene in raw carrots is released during digestion. This can be improved to 39% by grinding, steaming, frying, roasting, and adding fat. What this is telling us in a ‘carrot shell’ is that for actually absorbing the available nutrients of the carrot, “we should cook it and we should add fat.” We freeze our soup and dip in clarified carrot and paprika butter strengthened with 5% of our refined bees wax. Let it thaw gently. The shell is stable at room temp. Serve with the shovel to crack it and voila!”

Looking to get make your own carrot shaped dish? Get your silicone carrot mold here.