Artisan Silicone Molds Inspire Gastroart

Wheels spinning – Chef Jamie Simpson getting inspired byour Nature Silicone Molds

Since we founded The Chicago School of Mold Making, we have prioritized not only working with chefs, but listening very carefully to their concerns and aspirations. Now as Chicago Culinary FX we still create Artisan Silicone Molds and tirelessly put forth the effort to cultivate meaningful, harmonious relationships while staying on the cutting edge of shaping food. This has made us the “go to” source for culinary concept development.

When our friend, Chef Jamie Simpson took a moment to share the impact of our artisan nature molds in his recent blog we were humbled.

Renaissance Chef creating Edible Art

It wasn’t just Jamie’s generosity and conviction, but that our molds have become such valuable tools for expression in the hands of this truly innovative chef, that he felt compelled to write about them. As an artist, craftsman and chef, Jamie lives a busy culinary life; everyday he comes up with imaginative and engaging ways of presenting the most extraordinary fresh vegetables, micro greens and produce that surrounds him at Chef’s Garden. As the in-house Chef-Liaison and Executive Chef, he works with world-class visiting chefs and has the finest products available to him. Jamie is the guiding force with an enviable team at the culinary research and development facility known as the Culinary Vegetable Institute where cutting edge techniques of contemporary cuisine are explored. For Jamie Simpson, a chef whose passion for his craft shines through in most everything he does, to find inspiration and delight in our work made him a natural choice as one of our elite test chefs.

A taste of the remarkable dishes Chef Jamie Simpson creates:

Thumbelina Carrot Soup

Walnut Meat & Shell

Asparagus Curd

(photos by Michelle Demuth-Bibb)

Inspired by Nature – Artisan Silicone Molds

I’ve always been in mesmerized awe of the incredible beauty and variety provided by nature. We’ve taken that inspiration and created artisan nature molds that capture every little detail of a variety of stunning seasonal fruits and vegetables. My business partner and master mold maker Michael Joy, opened my eyes to a new paradigm of experiencing the world through the possibilities presented by reshaping food into exact copies of almost anything with artisan silicone molds. Now, to be able to provide chefs with food contact-safe silicone molds that have captured the shapes of seasonal specialties; asparagus, figs, truffles… Or foods that are labor intensive to prepare; pomegranates, chestnuts, black walnuts… Or just sensual in size and shape; mandarin slices, little pumpkins, winter radishes, or artichokes, is a dream come true!

Innovative Chefs: rethink Food Culture

To see the provocative and wondrous dishes that chefs Laurent Gras (white chocolate asparagus mousse), Curtis Duffy (carrot veils & flavored ice cylinders), Iliana Regan (carrot-ginger soup), Jamie Simpson (see above), Corey Siegel (corn nibbles, baby corn and pomegranate segments), the chefs at Minibar by José Andrés (cauliflower & mussels) and Pastry Chef Thomas Raquel (quail egg) have created with our artisan Nature molds fills me with awe. Please enjoy our Nature Molds with Corey Siegel video.

Laurant Gras Asparagus Dessert

aspargus dessert

Curtis Duffy's Carrot Veil

carrot veil

Ilianna's Carrot Soup

carrot shaped soup

Jamie's foie-gras filled balsamic-fig

filled fig

Corey's Pomegranate Segments

pomegranate segments shaped dessert

Corey Siegel's Mini Cob

Corey Siegel's mini cob shaped dish

Minibar's Cauliflower & Caviar

cauliflower shaped dish

Frozen Mussel Dish

mussel shaped dish

Gold-laced Quail Egg

quail egg dessert

I’m really excited to see what other innovative chefs create using our detailed silicone molds. It gives us great pleasure to know that our nature silicone molds can impact a chef’s creative process and inspire them to show the world new ways to experience nature’s gifts on their plate. We’ve provided the means to create with shapes that beckon wonder. Now we welcome everyone to come out and play. Visit our online store and peruse the latest Nature Line silicone molds, who knows how they'll inspire you!

Until next time, stay curious!

Beatrice S. Schneider

Beatrice S. Schneider
Co-founder/Creative Director &