Curtis Duffy's Ice Sleeve Custom Silicone Mold

Chicago’s strong culinary scene offers some exciting new venues. Before opening his much anticipated Grace restaurant in Chicago, Chef Curtis Duffy approached us with a novel task. He wanted to create thin walled ice cylinder in which to serve his Kampachi dish. No easy task, but the team at the Chicago School of Mold Making set to work and after several runs the ideal mold was made. The end result was an ice cylinder strong enough to hold up from kitchen to table, yet delicate enough to crack with a spoon and be enjoyed as part of the dish (Kampachi Salad-golden trout roe, tuna, and pomelo sections with thai basil in a cylinder of ginger-flavored ice). An ingenious and creative idea in the world of shaping food, stunning Chef Duffy!

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The Ice Sleeve in Action

Unmolding the Ice Sleeve

Removing the Silicone Core

Final Dish in Ice Sleeve

Before the first crack

Dessert version with Rhubarb

Dessert version with Peach and Jamine Tea