Custom Silicone Molds for Prius Promotion Popciles

Toyota knows engaging prospective customers with fun experiences is smart business. One of their PR companies contacted Chicago Culinary FX to help create a special popsicle to increase their brand awareness and further promote their Toyota Prius C. All this fun was presented to fans at the Toyota Family Playground during various Lollapalooza music festivals across the country. As quality and efficient production is a goal for any business, custom silicone molds proved a novel and whimsical to help attract new customers. The branding hit home and everyone enjoyed the delicious Prius Pops!

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One Prius Popcile Silicone Mold

mold detail of one that cast the Prius Pops

A full fleet of Prius Popcile Silicone Molds for production

Prius Pop Custom Silicone Molds for Production

Happy Masses