Rudolph van Veen's Chocolate Lady Gaga for Master Pastissier Exam

Master Chef Rudolph van Veen committed to a daunting task, the first competitor in the first Master Pastry Competition the Netherlands. As a certified master chef and a TV entertainer there was a lot at stake. He came to The Chicago School of Mold Making to work with Michael Joy and Beatrice S. Schneider to realize his vision for the Showpiece. Inspiration struck in the form of Lady Gaga as Chef Rudolph felt she personified the ultimate showpiece. Once the concept was identified the team went to work. From sketches to final 220kg extravagant chocolate/sugar showpiece, follow the process below...

As much as we enjoyed helping Rudi bring Lady Gaga to life, we no longer do large sculptures. Otherwise if you are looking to get a Quote for a Custom Mold? click here

Making of Chocolate Lady Gaga

It Starts with an Idea

Sketches Always Help

Live Models are Better

Okayed Sketch

Wire Work

Getting Clayed-up

Starting to take Shape

Starting to look Human

Inserting Mold Shims

Layer 1 of Silicone

Layer 2 of Thicker Silicone

Followed by the rigid Mother Mold

Final touches, after 8 hours of airbrushing

Made to fit in the cooled Van

A little Sugar Hair

Transporting the Life Chocolate

Finished Chocolate Showpiece

Beautiful Details

Final Master Pastry Exam Buffet

Chef proudly shoung off his Chocolate Rudolph's Balls