Gelato World Cup- Custom Maple Leaf Cake

Chef James Coleridge reached out to Chicago Culinary FX with an idea. After some brainstorming with Michael Joy (our master mold maker), they came up with a clever solution to create a special effect of a red maple ‘leaf’ being set into the center of his cake. When the chef used the funny looking molds for the first time, the results were doubted. However, when the cake was finished and he saw the results, Chef James knew he was onto something very special.

When it came time for Team Canada to present their gelato cake at the Gelato World Cup in Rimini, Italy, the judges were met with a great surprise. As Team Canada’s gelato cake was cut, each slice proudly displayed a gorgeous red maple leaf, perfectly in tune with Team Canada’s iconic national symbol. The judges were delighted and started taking pictures for themselves.

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