3D Oscar Dessert for the Governor's Ball

Chocolate Oscars

It's always fun to contribute help chefs look great for high profile events. We're alwasy happy to be able to supply Wolfgang Puck and his team HD Petg plastic molds. HIs team creates over 1,500 little chocolate and larger centerpiece size chocolate Statues of the iconic gold Oscar. This year was another great event! Go behind the scenes and catch them casting chocolates on Instagram.

In the past we have worked with his Pastry Chef Sherry Yard to create “Oscar in 3D” for The Governor's Ball following the 84th Annual Academy Awards© in Hollywood, California. She sculpted the dessert around molds created by Chicago Culinary FX. The custom silicone molds were modeled after the famous Academy Award figurine. Thanks to the molds, individual servings of the dessert for the 1,500 guests were identical and became memorable for the stars.

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Sherry Yard

Sherry Yard

Custom Silicone Molds used to Make Desserts

Silicone Molds Used to make Mousse Desserts

Centerpiece Chocolate Mousse Dessert

Sherry Yard's Centerpiece Dessert for the Governor's Ball

Individual Chocolate Mousse Desserts

Individual Mousse Desserts for the Governor's Ball