Silicone Gear Molds

When are your wheels not turning? Our selection of silicone gear molds are great to celebrate the passage of time. Cast in sugar or chocolate for events like New Year's Eve, Birthdays, or even a Steam-punk displays. How will you use your Gear Molds?

Buy your Silicone Gear Molds here check out the gear molds on your way down to fnd a great story about students at The Cordon Bleu in Australia.

Star Gear Mold

Clock Gear Mold

Daisy Wheel Gear Mold

Watch Gears Mold

Action Gears Mold

Student Competition- Le Cordon Bleu

Silicone Gear Molds used at Student Competition

Michelle Goh 3rd Place, Gary Willis, Gabriella Harianto 2nd Place, Chef Pascal Javier, Yi-Ting Gao 1st Place, and Chef Adriano Zumbo at the Callebaut Student Showpiece Challenge.

Hail to great teachers! Thanks to the vision and organization of Chef Andre Sandison, Head Culinary Teacher at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney, and his team, 17 pastry student competitors had the chance to present their best at The Callebaut Student Showpiece Challenge. This was their first showpiece competition, with many having started working with chocolate within the past six months. The students showcased their imaginations, passions and techniques by creating beautiful showpieces in front of the esteemed panel of judges.

The results were really impressive; 3rd place Michelle Goh, a Superior Patisserie Student, 2nd Gabriella Harianto, an Intermediate Patisserie Student, and 1st place, Yi-Ting Gao, an Intermediate Patisserie Student. We are very proud sponsors of such events, promoting talented, aspiring pastry chefs.

Thank you for your dedication Chef Sandison and the Le Cordon Bleu team!

1st Year Student Work