Silicone Showpeels & Showstoppers with Stéphane Tréand, MOF

Chocolate and Sugar showpieces made using silicone Showstopper and Showpeels mats

It's rare to come across a really great new product idea. It speaks volumes of Stéphane Tréand's, MOF, creativity that he has two; first Showpeels - silicone textured mats to emboss chocolate or sugar then Showstoppers - a one-mat silicone showpiece casting kit.

As a gifted artist, Master Pastry Chef Stéphane Tréand MOF, expresses himself through his pastry. In early years, while earning his master craftsman designation (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) he came up with an innovative techniques to add texture to a silicone mat that would enable him to shape either sugar or chocolate. In his first few versions, he waited till the silicone was starting to set then drew with it on another silicone mat to create a pattern in 2.5D relief. When Michael Joy, our master mold maker, saw this technique, he approached Stéphane and the resulting collaboration created several industry changing products. If you have worked with the textured silicone mats known as ShowPeels™ and the larger showpiece casting mats known as ShowStoppers™ you already how amazing they are!

These products have been used by chefs around the world to produce sugar and chocolate showpieces with great efficiency. They have also been used to decorate cakes, add flair to buffets and can be assembled in ways limited only by your imagination. They are truly a chef’s favorite. Visit our Online Store to buy yours.