Silicone Quail Egg Mold

Silicone Quail Egg Mold

Molded from real quail eggs, this silicone mold offers eight castings to add a touch of elegance to your table. They are perfect for sweet or savory applications as bite-size portions, embellishments or to be included inside another shape.

Stunning Castings with our Quail Egg Mold

Jamies' Carrot Quail Egg

Jamie Simpson used our silicone quail egg mold to create this composition of Early Summer

Richie's Bread and Butter

Richie Farina & Jamie cast a bread and butter dish with the silicone quail egg mold

Thomas Raquel's Quail Egg

Early on Thomas Raquel used our quail egg mold to express his elegant esthetic

Phil Tessier Mushroom Quail-Egg, Bocuse d'Or

Looking at all of the top culinary competitions around the world, none beat the Bocuse d’Or. It is a truly awe inspiring performance of culinary excellence. From the beginning of the event, Team USA was tight and focused. There was a cracking energy and flow only achievable by disciplined training and mastery of tools and ingredients. Chef Philip Tessier and his Commis, Sklyer Stover, under the watchful eye of Coach Gavin Kaysen, were a well-honed organic entity, a sheer delight to witness in action.

Before the competition, Philip and Sklyer visited Chicago Culinary FX midway in their competition program development. We consulted with them and were able to supply them with our stock quail egg mold to experiment with. For the final Bocuse d’Or competition, Team USA used several silicone molds to create their precise presentation. We are honored to be a resource for individuals and teams that dedicate themselves to strive for the best. A job well done, congratulations!

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