Mini Pumpkin Silicone Mold

This Mini Pumpkin Silicone Mold is perfect for casting edible fall delights. At 2 3/8″ by 1¾” tall, each of the identical six pumpkins are a good portion size. Because the mold separates in the middle it is perfect to add flavor or a different texture inclusions.

Create with your own Mini Pumpkin Silicone Mold

What an enchanting way to present your festive dish! With your own pumpkin silicone mold you can enjoy making wonderful individual pumpkins desserts or serve savory pumpkin dishes. As the mold's dividing line on the horizontal, you can add layers with ease. Surprise your guest by serving a vegetable mousse, spiced bread, curd or anything delicious that casts well. What will you create? Let us know and please share @ChicagoCulinaryFx.

In the IKA Kitchen with Tracy Morris

Tracy Morris preparing the cast Pumpkins

Glazed Pumpkin Desserts

Tracy Morris plating the Pumpkin Desserts

pumpkin dessert plated

Mini Pumkin Silicone Mold used by ACF Youth Team

We are really proud of the work the ACF Youth team presented at the IKA Culinary Olympics, in Erfurt, Germany. They were awarded silver for their work and Tracy Morris, pastry cook on team took a moment to tell us about their dessert.

“The idea of doing a miniature pumpkin came from our coach, Shawn Culp, and from that point forward we worked together to develop the flavors and continue to take it further. With so many components and plating steps it was a team effort to make it all happen.”

The pumpkin Bavarians with textures of cranberry and orange, were filled with a cranberry orange gel and hazelnut dulce chocolate cake. Served with oat streusel, dulce ganache, candied hazelnuts, bourbon spiced cranberries oranges and pumpkin, cranberry sauce, cranberry foam, pumpkin cream puff, spiced orange sorbet and topped off with micro sage.

“For me pairing the pumpkin with cranberries and oranges was so refreshing for a three course dinner, and was such a welcomed surprise for a pumpkin dessert which normally would be considered heavy.” The judges in Erfurt said the concept of the dessert was “brilliant and fun” during the critique.

Thank you for sharing your enchanting work Tracy Morris (assistant pastry chef at the Chevy Chase Club in Chevy Chase, Maryland. She is a member of the ACF Rhode Island Chapter).