chocolate cars and the custom silicone molds that made it
top compeitors use custom molds to win
we create custom silicone molds from concept through casting
world champions use our silicone molds for production


Turn your idea for shaping food into your customer's memorable experience. With our custom food-contact-safe silicone molds and thermoformed plastic (PETG) molds, you are able to communicate your brand messaging through your product in a way that will impress your customers.

At Chicago Culinary FX, we make professional quality custom molds every day. Professional chefs, entrepreneurs, and multinational brands continually use our services to help give shape to their ideas. When it comes to R&D, our customers have found our silicone mold making process an affordable alternative to injection molding and our PETG molds superior to what they have found elsewhere on the market. To us, custom mold making is more than just a job, it is an investment in a relationship.

Innovating with Leaders

We have been working with visionaries since the beginning. Competitors need to push the bar because good isn't Gold worthy. With our technology we are able to give our clients the edge in the area, for small runs or production.