About us, how we can help you streamline productions using PETG and Silicone Molds.

Meet the Mold Makers

Master Mold Maker & Founder Michael Joy

Michael Joy

Master Mold Maker & Founder
Chicago Culinary FX
Michael Joy’s Bio.

Creative Director & Co-founder Beatrice S. Schneider

Beatrice S. Schneider

Creative Director & Co-founder
Chicago Culinary FX
Beatrice S. Schneider’s Bio.

Our hardworking team specializes in making beautiful molds. We create high-quality silicone molds and high-definition recyclable PETG plastic molds. With both our custom mold making services and 250 innovative stock products, we are a secret key to help innovators in the culinary industry develop and produce unique food shaping solutions.

Not in culinary? We also provide custom mold shaping services for research, science, medical, art and the construction trades. With more than 20 years of art fabrication and mold-making experience, Chicago Culinary FX can help bring shape to your ideas.

All of our food-contact-safe molds are hand-made in house and ship direct to clients world-wide. Our bricks and mortar ‘creative center’ is staffed with a talented team to help forward thinking chefs and entrepreneurs bring their creative innovations to the table. We offer molds and equipment, education through videos and articles, and consultation for the culinary industry.

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"When Michael first introduced me to mold making, it changed the way I saw the world. It was as if a magic lens had been provided to see things not just for what they are but to see them for how they are made and can be re-engineered. As a trained fine artist, mold making was a way to take all those hours of "perfecting" one masterpiece and making it re-producible on a mass scale!

"Our first promise is to not to make "landfill." (A former customer recently called to ask if we wanted to buy our molds back after ten years of production use. He found another buyer, but it was satisfying to hear how long our products stayed in service.) After several years, we hired our first employee, and our family has been growing steadily since. We count ourselves very fortunate to be working with such talented and good spirited people.

"It's with great pleasure, come meet our team."
-Beatrice S. Schneider, co-founder

Beatrice-creative director
Beatrice S. Schneider-creative director
Michael-master mold maker
Michael Joy-master mold maker
Jose-mold maker
Jose-mold maker
Balin-lead designer
Juan-mold maker
Juan-mold maker