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Welcome to Chicago Culinary FX

We produce superior food-contact-safe silicone molds and recyclable High-Def PETG plastic molds. For over 15 years, we have built a stellar reputation as the Chicago School of Mold Making, establishing ourselves as industry leaders when it comes to shaping food. Working with professional chefs, entrepreneurs and multinational brands, we have the ability and resources to resolve your food shaping needs. We at Chicago Culinary FX, look forward to Giving Shape to Your Ideas!.

On this site you will find examples of remarkable edible artistry created with our Silicone and PETG plastic molds. Our Products include a wide variety of beautiful artisan silicone molds. You can send us information on our Custom Mold Quote form. For edu-tainment, enjoy our communities' food-casting Videos. Our food-shaping Gallery offers a great overview of the casting possibilities. If you are looking for Non-Culinary Custom Molds, this section offers examples and a summery of our capabilities. Of course, if you would like to find out more about who we are, please visit Contact Us. We are very excited to hear of your shaping needs and be of service to give shape to your ideas!

Love is in the Details

From the whirls of wood grain to the facets of a diamond ring, our platinum food-contact-safe silicone molds will result in uncanny fingerprint detail—limited only by the material you cast. You'll also be impressed by the High-Definition details our custom PETG chocolate molds.