We make beautiful Custom Molds

True innovators are looking out of the box for novel solutions. If you are looking for an efficient way to duplicate specific shapes into a variety of finished mediums, we offer Custom Silicone Molds as a shaping solution. We have been working with our clients in multiple industries for over twenty-five years (fifteen in culinary), helping them bring shape to their ideas from design through production. Our artisan mold making process is a cost-effective alternative to industrial injection molding. The resulting handmade molds are extremely durable, precise and look machine made. Yet we can produce them in small runs to keep your costs relevant.

Although we know how to get our equipment to operate with maximum efficiency, we do not consider ourselves a traditional machine shop and do not make injection molded silicone parts. With our team of trained artists and craftsmen, we describe ourselves as a corporate art studio for people who require unique creative shaping solutions.

We offer Ready-Made Silicone Molds

Through the years, we have created a diverse collection of food-contact-safe silicone molds. From our innovative ShowStoppers, Showpeels, to our unbelievably realistic Nature Line, two-part sphere molds, silicone Noodles, Pastry Showkits, artisan bon-bon Pastry Impressions, Cake Liners and much more. Please have fun exploring our Online Store. Here's a peek at just a few of the silicone molds we offer:

ShowStopper silicone mold mats


These innovative full showpiece “kit” silicone mats provide thematically shaped elements that can quickly and easily be cast in chocolate or sugar. The castings can then be assembled to create a great variety of showpieces. Bravo Stéphane Tréand MOF! another great coloration.

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Nature Line

Recognizing the need for impressing your guests with delicious theatrics while improving efficiency, our Nature Line silicone molds take your food presentations to the next level. You will be surprised how easily we can help transform your ideas into delicious reality.

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Geometric Molds

Using silicone molds to make clean-lined geometric shapes is one of the quickest and most effective ways to bring a modern look to your culinary artistry. Offering a large variety of sphere mold sizes, from .25 inches to 4", you should find the right size for your project.

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Used to create flexible retaining walls which can be filled with chocolate or sugar, Silicone Noodles™ allow you to quickly create contoured showpiece elements. Made of Flex & Bake™ silicone, Noodles are SUPER STRONG yet flexible enough to shape for a fluid, organic look.

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Showpeels are thin silicone mats with pre-embossed patterns on one side. In very little time, you can dip a silicone 'peel' in hot Isomalt, let it cool and pull back the silicone to reveal an intricate pattern. With multiple designs available, there are plenty of options to enhance your display.

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Pastry Showkits

Each high-quality silicone mat is a complete kit, that when cast in chocolate or sugar, provides a variety of shapes that can be quickly assembled into stylish displays. Just the right size to create an assortment of centerpieces, cake toppers and amenities to showcase your bite size delectables.

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PETG Thermoform

Our HD PETG plastic molds have changed how even seasoned chocolatiers look at plastic molds. Perfect for chocolate, they provide softer edges, great details, solid quality and a really good price. (read more)

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Gear Molds

Gear molds are favorites when it comes to showing a passage of time or industry. Perfect as individual chocolate gears, or combined for a dramtic showpiece, they are perfect to cast in either chocolate or sugar.

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