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Thank you for considering the Chicago Culinary FX to Get a Quote for Custom Molds. We create molds for companies and individuals around the world every day. Understanding that your expertise may be in other areas aside from mold making, we try to make the process as simple as possible. To Get a Quote for a custom silicone mold or a custom thermoformed plastic mold is a straightforward process. To avoid errors in our estimating process, please take a few minutes to help us understand the details of your project. The information you provide will remain confidential to our team. If you prefer to provide this information by phone, please call to speak with Michael Joy, our master mold maker at 708-660-9707. We look forward to working with you!

Getting a quote is easy, simply fill out the form below:

We understand this may be your first time inquiring about a custom mold. To fully understand your vision, we need to know how you intended to use your mold as the use determines the design and the cost.

(Respectfully, if you are just curious for a 'ballpark' estimate, our custom molds can cost from $900 - $10,000+)

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We are not currently accepting Soap Mold requests.

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Small Molds: 8" x 10" with 15-30 cavities/impressions

If you are pouring small batches, it is more economical for us to make a mold template that has fewer cavities/impressions on each mold sheet. The fewer the cavities, the less expensive the initial set-up.

Large Molds: half-sheet pan size 70 - 500 cavities/impressions

If you are pouring large batches (several hundred to thousands) of food pieces per batch, it makes more sense for us to design a mold that has maximum cavities/impressions per mold. A large mold makes economic sense even when the initial 'set up' costs are more, as the finished production molds are more efficient.

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